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Once again this year you will enjoy valuable training at every level with Institutes, Intensives and Electives, and we will be providing intensives in the afternoon of the opening day of conference as the first session of seminars, replacing the former all-day Head Starts.

  • Institutes are conference-long workshops on a single compelling topic
  • Intensives are graduate-level, multi-session length super seminars on timely topics or core disciplines of Christian camp ministry to challenge even the most advanced participants
  • Electives are stand-alone sessions on specialty topics relevant to Christian camp ministry

Seminars without descriptions will be updated as details become available.

Session One Monday, 12/1, 1:00-4:00pm

  • Forming Kids' Faith
    • Presented by: Scottie May, Wheaton College

      During this session about children's spirituality, discover ways that leaders can biblically facilitate the Holy Spirit's work in kids' lives. Explore effects that space, pace, and noise have on spiritual formation, and learn how to identify forming—and deforming—experiences from the past to help children connect to your present ministry.

  • Camp Makeover 101: Reaching New Heights With Your Site and Facilities
    • Presented by: Jim Fletemeyer and Bryon Weber, Fletemeyer & Lee

      Most camp leaders express a desire to improve their sites and facilities. But how should you begin? Where might you look to discover opportunities for enhancements? How do you move projects forward once you have ideas? Join us for this helpful session to discover answers to these questions and more.

  • Becoming a Great Mentor
    • Presented by: Brad Lomenick, Catalyst

      Mentoring is crucial for leadership development, transferring leadership to the next generation, and spiritually advising young leaders who will later step into influential roles. We’ll discuss mentoring, how it works, who needs it, why it’s important, and the keys for old mentoring young, young mentoring old, and everything in between.

  • Spiritual Foundations
    • Presented by: Maggie Robbins, Kairos School of Spiritual Formation & Mickey Cox, Church of the Nazarene

      Join us to explore how to honor Jesus and act with wisdom and grace in the midst of real-life camp and conference center ministry. Learn how to practice grace in the midst of busyness, awaken your prayer life, read Scripture with your heart and your head, and grow with your staff in Christ.

  • Games, Activities and Beyond
    • Presented by: John Zeigenfuse, River Valley Ranch

      Games and activities are what make camps fun and exciting, but if your goal is to make a lasting, spiritual impact on your campers, it's time to go above and beyond! Raise the bar on summer camp programming and learn to use enjoyable, high-energy games to challenge and develop campers.

  • Camping Ministry Foundations
    • Presented by: Rob Ribbe, HoneyRock

      How can you maximize the impact of your ministry? Join us if you're new to camping or want to deepen your impact. We'll discuss the theological and theoretical principles that you can effectively implement for greatest ministry influence. You'll leave this seminar prepared to make practical improvements at your ministry.

Session Two Tuesday, 12/2, 9:45-11:00am

  • Liftoff! Getting Your Capital Improvement Projects off the Ground
    • Presented by: Jim Fletemeyer and Bryon Weber, Fletemeyer & Lee

      Few ministries lack ideas and aspirations for elevating facilities. However, these dreams typically end up on a shelf, more likely to collect dust than be implemented. Discover pathways to success other camps have traveled, and glean tips from industry professionals about how to envision, fund and carry out capital projects.

  • Keep Them Soaring
    • Presented by: Linda Ellsworth, CCI-Canada

      Join us for this interactive, idea-producing workshop that will help you develop and enrich personal care and mentorship for your camp or conference center staff members. This session will explore the importance of mentorship, as well as the how-tos, including Scripture, prayer, praise and “Hooplah!”

  • Developing Devotionals for Camp
    • Presented by: Scottie May, Wheaton College

      Examine Jesus as teacher to glean insights—some might be surprising—that will help you create a structure for devotionals. Learn how to enable kids to enter a biblical story and find themselves in it. Plus, you’ll have a chance to practice using the concepts and ideas from this session.

  • How to Identify, Curb and React to Bullying
    • Presented by: James Rock, Trout Lake Camps

      Based partially on the Olweus Bully Prevention Program for school systems, this session will address some important definitions and related statistical data. Explore with us suggestions for curbing bullying, and discover ways you and your staff can create a safe culture at your camp or conference center.

  • Prayer Practices/ Spiritual Exercises I
    • Presented by: Maggie Robbins, Kairos School of Spiritual Foundation

Off-Site Tuesday, 12/2, 9:45am-2:30pm

Session Three Tuesday, 12/2, 11:30am-12:45pm

  • Creating a Star Team: Moving From Vision to Execution
    • Presented by: Steve Prudhomme, Grace Adventure, and Cathey Prudhomme, Eagle Village

      Discuss with us the who, what, when, where, how, and why—as well as the always-difficult, "Should we or shouldn't we?"—questions about your executive team. Answer them well and you will likely dominate the industry, be up to five times more profitable than the industry average, have cash on hand, and increase revenues.

  • Risk Management System Development
    • Presented by: Steve Archibald, Medeba

      Many organizations have assessed risk and developed controls to mitigate it, but are struggling with getting their plans off the shelf and into practice. This seminar will discuss creating a comprehensive system involving strategies, methods and procedures an organization can use to develop, implement and manage risk management.

  • Sexual Identity Issues
    • Presented by: Bob Tissot, Bair Lake Bible Camp

Session Two & Three Tuesday, 12/2, 9:45am-12:45pm

  • Organizational Change: From Dream to Reality
    • Presented by: Nate Parks, Camp Berea

      How do you transform your organization from what it is to where it could be?
      Knowing where you want to end up is just the first step on the journey of change. You’ll likely experience friction during implementation. Discover principles of change and how to put them into action starting now.

  • Maximizing Alumni: Programs and Capital Campaign Involvement
    • Presented by: Melissa Yonan, Christina Camps and Conferences, Inc., & Don Goehner, The Goehner Group

      Learn how and why establishing a strong alumni network of volunteers, donors, board members and staff can have a powerful impact on your camp ministry. These key people help with successful resource development, and this type of networking results in a greater ministry impact and more changed lives.

  • Creative Bible Teaching: Making Scripture Come Alive
    • Presented by: Duffy Robbins, Eastern University

      Most of us know the frustration of thinking we have the “gift of teaching,” but wondering why God didn’t give any of our campers the “gift of listening.” Explore basic principles of effective, creative teaching that will stimulate great ideas and new strategies for communicating God’s Word to guests.

  • Facilitating Organizational Transformation
    • Presented by: Rob Ribbe, HoneyRock

      Does your ministry need a refreshed vision? Do you need help developing a change plan for the next one to three years? Learn to assess organizational health, identify trouble spots, anticipate opportunities, and develop a change plan. We’ll walk through a six-step plan and develop specific steps for your organization.

  • Branding Basics 101
    • Presented by: Penny Hunter & TBD

  • Evangelizing High Schoolers and Emerging Adults
    • Presented by: Rick Richardson

  • Strategic Performance Indicators (Dashboards)
    • Presented by: Duane Mason, Joshua Crossing

      Dashboards can be a daunting challenge. This seminar breaks this concept down into easy-to-digest components. Plus, you’ll learn to determine what should be on your dashboard, and how to create and maintain one. Bring your board, financial and operating reports, and laptop to take full advantage of this hands-on session.

Session Four Wednesday, 12/3, 9:45-11:00am

  • Good Program Evaluation
    • Presented by: Rob Ribbe, HoneyRock

      Are you accomplishing your camp’s mission? What do you rely on for making ministry decisions? Decisions made on faulty, incomplete, or biased information put your organization at risk and may compromise your ministry. Explore different types of evaluations and assessments and gain the tools you need to succeed.

  • Advanced Marketing
    • Presented by: Jeff Hunt

  • Prayer Practices/Spiritual Exercises II
    • Presented by: Maggie Robbins, Kairos School of Spiritual Foundation

Session Five Wednesday, 12/3, 11:30am-12:45pm

  • Transforming Families Through Family Camps
    • Presented by: Paul and Virginia Friesen, Home Improvement Ministries

      When a family experiences transformation, individual life changes are likely to last. Join this session to learn how to develop, staff and promote family camps that not only transform families but also support your other specialized camp or conference center ministries. This practical seminar will feature schedules and curriculums.

  • Cultivating a Worship Culture in Your Unique Camp Context
    • Presented by: Andy Needham, The Andy Needham Band

      Whether your camp has a full band or a volunteer who knows a few chords leading songs around a campfire, you have everything you need to help your guests experience rich worship. Learn how to take your worship culture to new depths with practical ideas for camps of all sizes.

  • Adventure Experiences – Carnival Ride vs Life-Change (10/7/14)
    • Presented by: Bruce Dunning

Session Four & Five Wednesday, 12/3, 9:45am-12:45pm

  • Cultural Hermeneutics: Listening to the World Without Drowning out the Word
    • Presented by: Duffy Robbins, Eastern University

      Cultural hermeneutics is based on the idea that knowing the soil is no less important than sowing the seed (see Matthew 13)—and that reading the culture carefully is almost as important as reading the Bible carefully. Learn to see our culture beyond surface images, pop icons and musical genres.

  • Creating a High-Trust, High-Commitment Culture to Achieve Your Vision
    • Presented by: Michael Perry, SpringHill Camps

      Join us for a practical guide to building a productive, positive ministry culture. Using SpringHill as a case study, we'll explore specific tools, actions, organizational rhythms, philosophies and the leadership focus required to move from a low-trust, low-commitment environment that’s lacking effectiveness to a high-trust, high-commitment, highly effective ministry.

  • We Have an Allegation: Preventing Sexual Abuse at Camp
    • Presented by: Kimberlee Norris, MinistrySafe

      Sexual abuse allegations at camp can be devastating. When staff and volunteers understand characteristics of abusers and the grooming process molesters use, they are better equipped to recognize and prevent abuse. We'll correct common misconceptions about abusers and discuss how to effectively address the risk of sexual abuse at camp.

  • HR 101: Employment Practices that Support Your Ministry and Mission
    • Presented by: Jon Ruybalid, Jonathan A. Ruybalid Law Offices, LLC, and Angie Criner, Career Cross Training

      Join us for this valuable seminar, which will provide legal guidance regarding do's and don'ts in employment practices. It will also help you develop and implement employment policies that will deepen your staff relationships and best use your most valuable asset—people—to further your ministry mission and purposes.

  • Development 101
    • Presented by: Mark Dillon, American Bible Society

      Fund raising for ministry is not optional. It’s a noble task that not only advances Christ’s kingdom but also produces spiritual fruit in the givers’ lives. We’ll look at the biblical case for giving (and asking), and explore structures and strategies to help us identify, engage, minister to and increase financial partners.

  • Boardsmanship 101
    • Presented by: Ed McDowell, Warm Beach Camp

      Effective boards are key to a high level of results in ministry. Yet, too often, boards are minimized with little to no resources or training to bring strong health to the ministry through the board. This seminar will take an interactive look at the top 10 steps boards and camp directors need to pay attention to for board effectiveness. The format of the this time together will be a combination of presentation, consultative dialogue, and practical next steps.

Session Six Wednesday, 12/3, 2:30-3:45pm

  • Serving Campers and Your Marriage Simultaneously
    • Presented by: Paul and Virginia Friesen, Home Improvement Ministries

      Dissatisfaction in marriage and family is one of Satan's greatest tools to tear families apart and destroy ministries. Discover in this valuable seminar how to use ministry to strengthen your marriage and provide your kids an exceptional environment that will encourage them to wholeheartedly love Jesus and joyfully serve Him.

  • Current Legislative and Legal Issues for Camps and Conference Centers
    • Presented by: Jon Ruybalid, Jonathan A. Ruybalid Law Offices, LLC

      How could recent government decisions at the state and national level, and rulings in courts across the country, affect your ministry? In this important session, we will discuss the recent legislation, court actions, and legal decisions that affect governance, operational practices and finances at Christian camps and conference centers.

  • Achieving Peace in the Denominational Minefield
    • Presented by: Dale Wiebe, Winkler Bible Camp

      Sometimes in the midst of people’s efforts to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, different faith perspectives collide and even damage ministries. Examine with us the pressures a ministry can face when these differing perspectives converge at camp. What’s going on? Can you manage this and how?

  • What the IRS Is Doing That Affects Camps
    • Presented by: Dave Moja, CapinCrouse

      We’ll take a look at this year’s relevant IRS issues, including Form 990/political issues, unrelated business activities, Congress’ tax reform proposals, and tax extenders. Plus, you’ll learn about new methods for fund raising.

  • Fast Fifty Program
    • Presented by: John Ziegenfuse, River Valley Ranch

      Camp is fun, fast-paced and exciting. With a camp-like approach, this practical session will give you the opportunity to share, design and develop games. Whether you are new to camp ministry or a seasoned veteran, you’ll be able to add a few more valuable tools to your program tool belt.

  • Fast Fifty Food
    • Presented by: Daniel Harder, Maranatha

      Join us for this valuable session designed to give each participant numerous ideas and inspiration for his or her camp or conference center’s foodservice ministry. Explore with us a variety of practical topics, from great equipment and resources, to helping your staff understand that cooking is ministry, too.

  • Fast Fifty Marketing
    • Presented by: Penny Hunter

  • Planned Giving: Your Future Depends on It
    • Presented by: Mark Dillon, American Bible Society

      Planned (or legacy) giving is essential to the long-term viability of your organization. While current gifts meet current needs, planned gifts are generally exponentially larger and provide a margin of excellence to sustain and strengthen the ministry. Explore with us how you can successfully operate a planned-giving program.

  • Exploring Global Opportunities
    • Presented by: Dan Bolin, CCI Worldwide and Dan DeGroat, Global Outreach Group

      Discover opportunities for you and your camp to engage the global Christian camping movement. You’ll get a brief overview of CCI-Worldwide, plus learn about several practical methods of involvement, including helping from the U.S. and going overseas. And you’ll pick up tips for what to do—and not to do.

  • Day Camps
    • Presented by: Tony Schmid, SpringHill

  • Fast Fifty Outdoor Ed
    • Presented by: Titus McGrath, Black Rock Retreat

Off-Site Wednesday, 12/3 AM, 9:45am-12:30pm

Off-Site Wednesday, 12/3 PM, 1:30pm-2:30pm